Do You Need An SR22?

Some drivers are required to have an SR22 with their car insurance. An SR22 isn't an insurance policy but proof from your insurance company that you do have insurance. The insurance company or agent fills out the paperwork for you and submits it to the state. If you are required to have an SR22, you may have to continue to have it resigned every time you renew your car insurance policy. When you are required to have an SR22 insurance form, there are things that you need to know.  


One of the things that you need to know is how long you will have to provide the SR22 with your insurance. Generally, a judge tells you that you need to have one of those forms filed and will generally tell you how long you need to provide the form. Your state may already have guidelines stating how long you have to have it, depending on why you were required to have SR22 insurance. 

Kinds of SR22

There are different kinds of SR22 forms that you may have to file. They include operator/non-owner, owner, and operator/owner. Owner means that you are driving your car, so your SR22 will insure the vehicle and not just you as the driver. Operator/non-owner is specifically for people who don't own a car and only drive vehicles that they have been able to borrow from someone else or have rented. In this case, your insurance company will have to prove that you are insured and have the financial responsibility to cover any damages you may incur if you are in an accident. If you have this kind of SR22, you can't own a car as long as you have it. If you need to buy a car, you will have to talk to your car insurance company. You may have to speak to your state's department for vehicles to make sure that you can actually own a car since it may have been part of your judgment that you don't own a car for a certain amount of time. 

Not everyone has to have an SR22 filed when they have insurance, but if you are one of the people who do, then you need to make sure that you know several things about the SR22 so that you know that you are doing everything the way that you should and that you are following the law.