Do You Need Auto Insurance?

Have you ever wondered if you need auto insurance? Whether you have it right now or not, the question might pop into your mind at some point. While some people might not need a policy, most adults do. Here are three ways to know if you should have an auto insurance plan. You can review these and decide whether you need it or not.

Anyone Who Drives Needs It

Do you drive? Whether you have a car or not, you might want to begin by answering this question. If you drive and have a car, you probably need auto coverage. If you do not have a car but drive, you might need a plan. Non-car owners can purchase auto insurance coverage through non-owner car insurance plans. These plans provide coverage for the person if they borrow or rent someone else's vehicle. If you ever want to borrow someone's car, they might be more willing to let you if you show them proof of insurance coverage. With your own coverage, you can have the protection you need when borrowing vehicles.

You Need It if You Need SR-22 Insurance

The next thing to consider is if you need SR-22 insurance coverage. High-risk drivers generally need proof of insurance coverage through an SR-22 plan. If you know that you need this coverage, you must buy an auto insurance plan. If you do not buy one with the proper SR-22 coverage, you will have trouble getting or keeping your driver's license.

You Need It to Avoid a Lapse in Coverage

The other reason you might need auto insurance is to avoid having a lapse in your coverage. A lapse in auto insurance coverage is not something that insurance companies look favorably upon. Instead, they view this as a risk. You might assume you do not need coverage if you go without a car for a while, but this might not be the best move. When you do this and try to get coverage afterward, you might pay a lot more for a basic auto insurance plan.

When you read through these points, you might realize that you need auto insurance, too. You can contact an auto insurance agent to ask them for a quote if you feel you need a plan. They can give you a quote over the phone or online after you supply them with the information they need. Contact an agent today to learn more.