Tips For Selling Auto Insurance Policies

Auto insurance is a widely needed form of insurance, and selling this type of policy is a mainstay of many insurance agencies' business. If you're an insurance agent, here are some tips to help you sell more auto policies.

Become an Independent Agent

The best salespeople always sell the best products in their industry, for a high-quality product is easy to sell. In order to offer the best auto insurance policies possible, join an independent insurance agency so that you can work as an independent agent.

As an independent agent, you'll be able to offer customers auto insurance policies from any insurance company in your state. This makes it easy to offer customers the best policy for their situation regardless of what insurer the policy is with.

In contrast, you could work as a captive agent and sell only one insurance company's policies. This would severely limit what you're able to offer, and you won't be able to give some customers the best policy if your chosen insurer doesn't offer it.

Connect Over More Than Auto Insurance

Even though you're in the business of selling auto insurance, don't limit your conversations with customers to just policy options. Make sure you spend some time talking generally with customers about their life, for this can help you in two ways.

First, a conversation about a customer's life will give you insights into the risks that they might face. These can lead to natural cross-sell opportunities where you can suggest other policies. For example, you may suggest life insurance if you learn that a customer recently had their first child.

Second, you'll establish rapport with customers as you talk with them. As they come to trust you, they'll be more inclined to accept your policy and coverage suggestions.

Learn About Commercial Policies

If you sell only personal auto insurance, you'll miss out on a significant portion of the market. Businesses that own vehicles need auto policies too, but their policies need to be commercial ones.

To get commercial auto insurance customers, educate yourself on the nuances of commercial auto insurance policies. Once you become well-versed on the various differences and considerations associated with these policies, you'll be able to sell to businesses.

The commercial auto insurance market not only gives you more opportunity but also can allow you to make larger sales. For example, a business may need an expansive policy that covers a large fleet of vehicles. A large policy like this can generate a bigger commission.

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