The Benefits Of Hiring A Public Claims Adjuster

An adjuster is an insurance professional who assesses the monetary value of an insurance claim, and their judgement is the basis for a claim payout. While your insurance company will furnish an adjuster if you file a claim against one of your policies, you're also able to hire a public adjuster yourself. Hiring your own public adjuster has a few benefits.

Remove a Conflict of Interest

When an insurance company provides an adjuster, the adjuster is faced with an inherent conflict of interest. They're tasked with evaluating the claim fairly and objectively, but they're paid by the insurance company. Even an adjuster who strives to be as objective as possible (and most do try) is still subjected to a potential conflict of interest if there's ambiguity in the claim.

Regardless of whether a conflict of interest is real or only perceived, this potential issue should always be avoided if it's possible to do so. 

When you hire a public claims adjuster, any possible conflict of interest is eliminated because there's now an adjuster who represents each party involved in the claim. The insurance company's adjuster is able to represent only the insurer, and your public adjuster will represent and look out for your interests.

Receive a Larger Payout

Often, public adjusters are able to get their clients larger payouts than what the clients would otherwise receive if they didn't hire a public adjuster. If there's ambiguity in an insurance claim, policyholders don't always know how to best evaluate the claim and argue their side of the case. A public adjuster does know how to properly pursue a larger payout when there's ambiguity, and they're frequently able to get a larger settlement.

How much more a public adjuster is able to get for a claim depends partly on the size of the claim. They might not be able to do much on a small claim that involves only a nominal payout. On a major claim that involves tens or thousands of dollars worth of damage, though, a public adjuster's help can make a big difference in what the policyholder ultimately receives.

Delegate the Claims Process

When you hire a public adjuster, they'll take over a large portion of the claims-negotiation process. As a result, you won't have to spend as much time interacting with your insurer, and you can focus your energy on other tasks. Any time you can free up is especially helpful after a disaster.