Tips For Getting New Drivers Better Rates

Young drivers tend to find the insurance rates they get quoted to be very high. This is due to them being in a class of driver that is very inexperienced. More inexperienced drivers can be quite costly for insurance companies. This is because they are much more likely to get into fender benders, accidentally hit private properly, end up with dings and other damage due to navigating crowded parking lots, and end up being involved in more serious accidents. There are ways young drivers can get better rates on their car insurance, and you can learn about some of these ways by reading the rest of this article.

Use the best address

A young adult may have the option of having their car registered at either of their parents' houses due to having dual residency due to a joint custody agreement. If this is the case, then they should get quotes for both addresses, and they may find one zip code gives them a much better rate than the other. This is because insurance rates consider the increased chances of accidents or even vehicle thefts in specific cities when giving quotes.

Attend a defensive driving class

A defensive driving class is a very good idea. It will help new drivers learn things like how to drive in hazardous driving conditions and how to avoid accidents by anticipating dangers ahead of time. This class can therefore help keep the new driver safer. Plus, there is the added benefit that taking such a class can also help to lower the cost of insurance for them.

Remain on their parent's insurance policy

One of the best ways to go about paying less for insurance as a young driver is to remain on a parent's established insurance policy. When this is done, it can lead to a large discount that also allows them to take advantage of the discount offered for having more than one car on the policy.

Drive the least expensive car on the policy

The young driver should be assigned the car that is the least expensive. They should also not be assigned a car that would fall into a higher-risk bracket, such as a sports car. Also, things can be done with the car to help bring the cost down, such as parking it in the garage and having an alarm system installed in the car.

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