Three Reasons Your Cleaning Business Needs Business Insurance

A residential cleaning company is something that you can start with just your own cleaning supplies and a car. Some people prefer to hire cleaning services for regular home cleanings, while others may need help if they have a special event going on. If you have several workers for your residential cleaning firm, you may find work cleaning newly vacant apartment homes. Since your business is likely to gain traction and you will be working inside of other people's residences, it is a good idea to get business insurance. Here are three reasons why your cleaning business needs business insurance. 

Hardwood floors can be temperamental

It is important to know what chemicals you can use on what surfaces before you start to clean professionally. One of the items at the home that you can easily ruin is hardwood floors. Hardwood floors should not be cleaned with water and other water-based cleaners aside from those made specifically for the wood floors. If you accidentally spill water or other cleaners on hardwoods, it can cause damage. In order to be able to pay back the homeowner for the accident, business insurance is a wise decision for coverage. 

Reactions to chemicals can be serious

It is possible that, despite using natural or mild chemicals, that someone will feel sick from breathing in the fumes. Carrying business insurance will allow you to help pay for health costs in the event that someone feels the need to visit a doctor due to feeling sick or lightheaded from chemicals. Be sure that you and your workforce are well educated on how to use each chemical that you use. Stay away from any harsh chemicals that are known to cause reactions, such as ammonia or bleach. Sticking to natural ingredients or mild chemicals that don't harm the skin will make your cleaning business less expensive for you. 

Insurance can cover theft

As your business grows, you may want to invest in more expensive cleaning supplies. Items such as commercial vacuum cleaners and carpet shampoo machines can cost a pretty penny, especially if you own and maintain several at a time. If you find yourself the victim of theft, you won't have to reach into your own pocket to replace these if you have business insurance. As long as the machines were kept in a secure place, you will be able to file a claim and have them replaced. This ensures that your business will remain up and running, even if you experience some bad luck. 

For more information on business insurance, reach out to a local insurance provider.