4 Types of Insurance to Purchase for Your Sports Camp

If you are planning on putting on a sports camp this summer, you need to do more than find instructors and students for your camp. You need to make sure you also have the right insurance coverage in place to protect you from all the things that could potentially go wrong during your camp.

#1: Accident Insurance

The first type of insurance you need to purchase is accident insurance. Accident insurance is necessary for a sports camp. If someone is injured while at your camp, your accident insurance will cover all their medical treatment. Not everyone has medical insurance and can handle a sports-related injury. Carrying an accident insurance policy for your camp reduces the risk of someone sending their child to your sports camp.

Injuries are common at even the most organized sports camps. Things such as twisted ankles are common children's sports injuries. With this insurance policy, you can protect the financial integrity of your camp and take care of the medical needs of those attending your camp.

#2: General Liability Insurance

The second type of insurance that you should have regardless of the type of venture you are running is general liability insurance. General liability insurance is different than accident insurance. Accident insurance covers medical bills, whereas general liability insurance will protect you if your sports camp faces a lawsuit. The lawsuit may be because of an injury, but all medical costs for an injury will be covered under your accident insurance without the need for a lawsuit. However, if you are sued, your general liability insurance will cover this cost.

#3: Equipment Insurance

The third type of insurance you need is equipment insurance. This type of insurance will cover all types of equipment, from concessions equipment to things such as bleachers and scoreboards. Of course, it also covers the equipment associated with whatever sport your camp is about. This type of coverage will reimburse you if anyone steals or breaks your equipment, or if your equipment is damaged due to a weather event.

#4: Directors & Officers Liability

This type of liability insurance will protect you if the organization is accused of discrimination or is accused of harming someone else's economic ability. Although it is called directors' and officers' liability insurance, it should cover the entire organization.

When it comes to running a sports camp, it's important to consider getting sports camp insurance coverage. The right insurance will cover your clients if they get injured at camp and will protect your camp from a financial viewpoint.